NOKIA N70 3G Mobile Phone

Telstra NOKIA N70 3G Mobile Phone covers the following bands: 900, 1800, 1900, and 2100. It weighs 126g, and has the following specs: MP3, a vibra alert, Bluetooth connectivity, Voice Activated dialling, a camera, clock, a caldar of course, PC synchronization, and an FM radio.

Telstra NOKIA N70 3G Mobile Phone's accessories are sold separately, an example is the handsfree adapter. Battery's talk time would go up to 225 minutes, while the standby is good for 264 hours. WAP compatibility: yes for this phone. Besides that, the Telstra NOKIA N70 3G Mobile Phone has a 128 bit encryption, and GPRS too.

Many thanks to the 3G technology, transmitting email with attachments is so easy, and video streaming is smooth too, allowing one to do cuts of videos. If one wishes for consistent quality of the images, just download them to the Telstra NOKIA N70 3G Mobile Phone unit, then replay them back.

The VGA camera lens could be found in front, and this would serve video-calling purposes as well. It could be said that a principal feature of the Telstra NOKIA N70 3G Mobile Phone is imaging, and why not? It has a double megapixel lens and a photo software to boot. The pictures produced by the NOKIA N70 3G Mobile Phone (all things considered) are good enough, every once in a while, a close-up could be lacking in terms of clarity. The Telstra NOKIA N70 3G Mobile Phone allows one to tinker with the color tone, the scene, and flash settings. The good thing is its protective slide-shutter cover if opened, it automatically activates the camera of the mobile.

At the software end, this phone supports visual applications of radio, and RealPlayer is installed among other applications, and the fun applications are more subtly-hidden than the other variants of this series.